Hubsan X4 Plus 4CH 2.4GHz Mini Quadcopters Review

Hubsan X4 H107D+

The upgraded version of Hubsan X4, Hubsan X4 Plus, will finally release with your expectation! Based on the last generation, the new quadcopters have been redesigned both in appearance and structure, forming into H107C+, H107D+ and H107L. All the new versions adopt the black shell and yellow foot. As for details, you can find in the next passage!
Hubsan X4 H107C+First of all, the new versions look much mature in appearance just like “an experienced flyer”. I particularly like the shell of H107D+ with hollow design. There is no need to additionally pain a mouse or eyes, the special modeling makes these quadcopters vivid flying insects. And Hubsan X4 Plus features small body and light weight, which will result in agile and brave flights. There is a mini camera built on the nose of H107C+, H107D+ for aerial photography.
Hubsan X4 H107D+Utilizing flight control system with 6axis gyro, the new versions of Hubsan X4 Plus are capable of rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward. Let alone, those quadcopters features valiant and heroic aerobatics such as hand launching, hovering, rolling, 4way flipping, crabbing, etc. For sake of its size, these quadcopter are allowed to fly both indoor and outdoor. When flying into wrong direction, they can automatically correct the attitude.
Hubsan X4 H107PWhat’s more, Hubsan X4 Plus is supposed to equip with 2.4GHz 4CH transmitter. And some of them may employ transmitters with 4.3 Inch LCD display. Thus Pilots can real-time monitor the flight data like battery voltage, weather, altitude, temperature, GPS and so on. At the same time, pilots can enjoy amazing first person view photography via the LCD screen. Besides, the LEDs around the rubber foot makes night flights pretty appealing.

Hubsan H107D+
Last but not least, the remote distance of Hubsan X4 Plus is about 50~100m while the live video distance is about 100m. Pilots can equip a large memory card with the quadcopters to store pictures and videos. The quadcopters require 30 minutes for charging while the flying time will surpass 10 minutes. And there is a USB charging cable, you can directly charge Hubsan X4 Plus by connecting it with a computer.

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