JJRC H5C 2.4GHz 6Axis Gyro Headless Quadcopter with 2MP Camera


Some of you may consider JJRC H5C the clone of Syma X5C, but I can’t agree with you! X5C of course has been proved to be capable as well as controllable. However, this two drones possesses their own features! As for JJRC H5C, it may pay more attention on user experience. The new quadcopter has gain countless fans since it was available online! OK, it’s time to show you more details.

The whole FPV kit includes all necessary parts: JJRC H5C quadcopter with integrated mini camera, a transmitter, 2GB memory card, USB charger, etc. The transmitter possesses a LCD display, allowing to real-time monitor the flight data. If you want first person view photography, more accessories allows to be mounted. Besides, I’m quite fond of the removable propeller protection covers, which ensures safer indoor flight for beginners like me!

Just like most bravo FPV quadcopter, JJRC H5C adopts flight control system with 6axis gyro. Thus it can reach rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward without a hitch! Additionally, this quadcopter is very fast and furious when conducting aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, rotating, flipping, crabbing, etc. When deviating from the operational direction, it can automatically correct the flying direction.

JJRC H5CThe quality of video proves to be very good, the camera is the same of Syma X5C but in this case the video is even more stable. I am very happy with this feature! As for headless mode: this feature is very important when you lose the orientation of the quad example when the distance is far and the eye doesn’t distinguish more where is the head of JJRC H5C. I like fly high until the quad almost disappears from my view and in this case is more easy to return home.

Last but not least, the quadcopter is built with colorful LED lights, so you can check whether the quadcopter works correctly or not when it’s far from you. When the lights keeps blanking, you’s better change the battery instantly, otherwise, it will fall or crash! If JJRC H5C gets lost or flies out of your version, you can trigger return-to-home feature, and it will automatically back to takeoff place!

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