Lian Sheng LS-128 6Axis Gyro Headless FPV Quadcopter with Mini Camera

Lian Sheng LS-128

Guess what I will present today! It’s Lian Sheng LS-128, the most expectant FPV quadcopter equipped with highest configuration. When I say the highest configuration, I really mean it instead of the exaggeration! This is all-in-one as well as all-inclusive FPV kit which enables pilots to experience very appreciative flight and great aerial photography. Now let’s take a closer look at the new favorite hereinafter.
Lian Sheng LS-128As the picture presents, Lian Sheng LS-128 provides white and gray version quadcopters. There are many colorful LED lights built in the axis, which ensures both day and night flights. Besides, there is a mini HD camera hanging under the main body. And theses removable propellers protection covers are for safe indoor flight. Adopting flight control system with integrated 6axis gyro, this quadcopter is capable of all kinds of flights.
Lian Sheng LS-128Speaking this, Lian Sheng LS-128 Quadcopter can reach rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward without a hitch. Let alone, it’s capable of some aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, rotating, crabbing, flipping, etc. Built in 6axis gyro, the quadcopter with strong stability can implement various movements. When flying into wrong direction by mistake, it can automatically correct the flying attitude!
Lian Sheng LS-128Additionally, Lian Sheng LS-128 Quadcopter comes with amazing headless mode. Usually, the flying direction is always consistent with the nose. Under headless mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with nose wherever it points! And I forget to tell you that the mini camera allows to take lots of HD cameras as well as picture, since the quadcopter allows to install a large memory card.

Lian Sheng LS-128
Last but not least, the flight system supports 5.8GHz telemetry function. Luckily, Lian Sheng LS-128 employs an intelligent transmitter possessing a high-resolution LCD display. For one thing, pilots can real-time monitor the flight data such as battery voltage, altitude, temperature, weather, GPS, etc. For anther thing, you can enjoy very astonishing first person view photography. Thank you for reading, and hope what I present can really help you!

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