WLtoys V666 5.8G 6Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

WLtoys V666

Hello, everybody! I’m going to introduce you a pretty beautiful FPV quadcopter, that is WLtoys V666! Different from most FPV frame, the quadcopter is a truly flyer by adopting 6axis gyro stabilization. Pilots allows to enjoy very appreciative flight, meanwhile, the quadcopter carrying with a full HD mini camera will make unexpectedly bravo middle-scale aerial photography! Now let’s take a closer look at the hottest FPV flyer!

First of all, WLtoys V666 adopts integrated flight control system which is contained in the small shell made of imported material. The streamlined fuselage makes it  easy to maintain or change battery. Moreover, there is a special protection cover made of EPP material around the whole copter, which can effectively reduce sudden impacts caused by error operation. For sake of its large size, the quadcopter is more suitable for outdoor flying.
WLtoys V666Speaking this, the quadcopter is extremely stable and smooth in rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward.backwards. Let alone,WLtoys V666 can achieve some fancy flights like hovering, rolling, 360º flipping, crabbing, etc. More amazing aerobatics can be reached if equipped with a capable remote controller. Because of the adjustable 6axis gyro, this quadcopter can automatically correct its attitude when flying direction deviating the operation.
WLtoys V666What’s more, there is a high-quality camera allowing to film 720p HD video at 30 FPS installed on the WLtoys V666 FPV along with an Anti-Vibration Mount for holding the camera steady so that you can avoid shakes and bumps in the video footage. The signal from the camera will be sent back to the LCD screen mounted directly to the transmitter, thus pilots can real-time enjoy the live video! And the transmitter supports telemetry function for safer flight!

WLtoys V666
Last but not least, WLtoys V666 adopts four the shining LED lights hanging under the shafts, which ensures both day and night flights. Due to its regular shape and enough room for installation, innovative enthusiasts may decorate a circle of colorful lights around the protection cover. In my view, this is the most appreciative quadcopter in large size, cause it allows to be decorated in accordance with personal will!
WLtoys V666

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