Walkera Scout X4: the Best All-Inclusive FPV Solution

Walkera Scout X4

You don’t have to waste your money but still attain comparable FPV effect if choosing Walkera Scout X4. Compared with DJI series equipment, the new kit seems much more cost-effective with a quadcopter, a DEVO F12 transmitter, a flight controller, G-3D gimbal, iLook+ camera and other necessities included! Believe me! This is the impeccable FPV kit varying from the quadcopter to the transmitter.

Coming with a retractable landing gear, Walkera Scout X4 will be able to move the legs up and out of the view of the camera, which allows for a larger landing gear on the quadcopter to avoid any sort of tipping over when landing on an uneven surface. Beside, the quadcopter can change from 4 motors into 8 motors in line with multi-purpose plane.
Walkera Scout X4How could you imagine that Walkera Scout X4 features 128 way points GPS positioning! It’s much more powerful compared with normal GPS system which supports less than 20 way points. Hobbyists can set take-off point and destination. During process of the flight, the quadcopter will fly along with the preset 128 points. When it’s triggered back, the quadcopter will fly along with the 128 points as well.
Walkera Scout X4What’s more, follow-me mode is what really makes Walkera Scout X4 superior to the kindred product. You don’t have to manually operate a transmitter to follow dynamic object. When setting the object, the quadcopter will automatically follow it wherever it goes. With follow-me mode, the FPV kit is especially suitable for extreme sports photography like motorcycle racing, skiing, surfing, etc.
Walkera Scout X4
Additionally, Walkera Scout X4 supports altitude setting mode, intelligent orientation control mode as well as auto-cruise mode. There are too level low voltage protection: In the first level, LED lights will blink to warn you; in the second level, the quad-copter will automatically back to take-off place. One-key-go-home and fail-safe features ensure better safety when the quad-copter gets lost with transmitter.
Walkera Scout X4Finally, Walkera Scout X4 is equipped with DEVO F12E transmitter with a high-resolution LCD display on the top of its case, hobbyists are allowed to real-time monitor aerial scenery with the first person of view. Flight data like battery voltage, altitude, temperature, and GPS can be monitored via the screen as well. And the flight route can be set via a mobile device with touch screen after installing APP.

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