High-Efficient Brushless Hobbywing XRotor ESC for Multicopters

Hobbywing XRotor 50A

With RC models being increasingly popular, brushless motors and electronic speed controller have been highly promoted nowadays. If you’re scouting for high-efficient electronic speed controller, I’ll strongly recommend brushless Hobbywing XRotor ESC. Featuring fast response, strong anti-interference ability, the ESC can be perfectly compatible with multi-rotor aircraft specially for quad-copter.
Hobbywing XRotor 50ABased on previously excellent design, Hobbywing XRotor ESC improves throttle response speed into a new extreme, which enables multi-rotors to demonstrate all kinds of valiant and heroic aerobatics. Besides, users can set throttle mode according to the receiver it adopts. When photographing, position holding and stable hovering will be pretty accurate and stable. Even rotating in very low speed, the ESC ensures very stable and smooth throttle curve.
Hobbywing XRotor 40A APAC
What’s more, Hobbywing XRotor ESC utilizes twists-pair throttle wire, dramatically reducing interference caused by transmission within the copper wire. That is, you flight will be much safer if adopting such reliable ESC. Differing from most ESC on the market, it doesn’t require much adjustment when applied to new remote controller. The only thing you have to do is set necessary data, cause the electronic speed controller will automatically retain angle parameters.
Hobbywing XRotor 20A APAC
There is no denying that disk motors are known for larger flight load, longer service life, higher torque and efficiency. However, the compatibility problem really puzzles many hobbyists. As for Hobbywing XRotor ESC, it’s perfectly compatible with many disk motors on the market, which greatly reduces “blocked accident”. Additionally, brushless ESC provides you with different rated current varying from 10A to 50A to supports any standard motor.
Hobbywing XRotor 10A APACOverall, Hobbywing XRotor ESC can be comparable with upgraded disc motors. Even the aircraft is heavily loaded or possesses long flight time, there is very less chance to get stuck while rotating. If you’re multi-rotors hobbyists, the electronic speed controller can be very right choice!

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