A General Review Towards Tarot 450 Rotor Head DFC Assembly

Tarot 450DFC Rotor Head

Rotor head always plays the most important role when it comes to 3D performance. Today I wanna introduce Tarot 450 Rotor Head, the responsive DFC assembly resulting in fast and furious aerobatics. It’s the structure that determines how accurately and concisely the rotor head assembly performs.

Tarot 450DFC Rotor Head
And a general look on Tarot 450 Rotor Head: the extension arm use special design to provide crush zone for main grip. There is a notch to fix nylon nut so that is not required to use wrench while fasten. The friendly design on the top of the rotor holder has a calibration line to align for zero pitch. New bearing became bigger so that it can absorb the longitudinal and lateral vibration efficiency, and endure stronger pulling force.

Tarot 450 DFC Head
What’s more, new DFC main rotor housing uses hollow design with only 5.6g in weight. And Tarot 450 Rotor Head uses M2.5 socket collar screws to make rotor holder as well as main shaft closer for better 3D flight capability. The appearance of new DFC rotor housing is quite simple, while the V frame provides a strong support structure and reduces the damage possibility. The bottom of new DFC rotor housing is fully enclosed to avoid split while impact.
Tarot TL45110-07Additionally, DFC head damper integrates 85 degree rubber and enlarges the external diameter to 7mm, which improves the flapping function and the asymmetrical of lifting. 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy CNC processing is applicable to all Tarot 450 Rotor Head DFC Assembly. DFC main shaft applied ultra-low center of gravity short main shaft design; the level of main rotor is closed to the center of gravity, which can improve the performance of 3D flight.
Tarot 450 Main Rotor Head
Furthermore, the anti-shot horizontal axis overall tensile design inherits from 480 standard, which effectively reduces blade-shot possibility. And Tarot 450 Rotor Head utilizes 12.9 degree M2.5 full thread screw to lock the shaft in order to reduce the possibility of screw loosing. The valid tread is 8mm to absorb the vibration. Besides, the middle portion of the new DFC feathering shaft is 3.5mm so that it can avoid the impact focus on the rotor housing.

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