Diatone DIY FPV 250 V1 G10 Mini Quadcopter Frame Review

FPV 250

If you’re hobbyists dedicated to mini-sized quadcopter, I’ll recommend FPV 250 whose name implies its size. The quadcopter frame is measured 250mm in width and 80mm in height, allowing to take with hobbyists wherever possible. And it only weighs 110g by adopting one-piece durable nylon frame. This FPV quadcopter frame is perfect for FPV racing or obstacle course flying at your local field.
FPV 250Utilizing gold plating technology, FPV 250 is chemically plated a certain thickness of gold on the PCB surface, thus the surface is harder to oxidized and easier to soldered. Meanwhile, the frame provides double-side PCB, which results in stronger electric current flowing ability than single-side one. And it comes with recommended pan and tilt kit and all hardware for mounting motors and battery.
FPV 250Besides, the front platform is designed to handle up to 2servo pan and tilt camera setup as well as rear platform, supporting video transmitter in order to keep all nice and balanced. In addition, FPV 250 possesses a center bay, large enough for most popular flight controllers, including a top crash cage for protection. There are four integrated strap slots on the bottom to securely hold the battery in place for high G maneuvering.
FPV 250In addition, FPV 250 motor mount can handle anything from 1506 to 2208 motor, and the vented arms provide plenty of cooling for 7~12A ESC. After testing different configurations and coming up with the optimal setup, the special kit was proved to be perfectly compatible with Multistar 1704 motors swinging 5x3x3 props. To round out the power system, high capacity LiPo battery is very needed.
FPV 250Last but not least, FPV 250 utilizes PA66 material, 8 times stronger than ABS material. The high-accurate equipment brass nut possesses remarkable toughness and resistance, which is quite different from easy-to-rust iron nut plated copper. All in all, the mini-sized quadcopter frame features better mechanical property, higher strength, fatigue resistance as well as smarter appearance.

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