KD-Summit S600/610 Mini Big Foot 2.4G 1/24 RC Truggy Review

KD-Summit S600

What I’m going to review today is KD-Summit S600/610, a mini 2.4G 1/24 4WD big foot RC car. Compared with previous big foot cars, the new one looks much more exquisite both in size and design. Measured 190mm in length, 130mm in width and 60mm in height, the mini truck allows to speed up to 25km/h. Undoubtedly it’s quite fast considering the body size. Let me show you more in the next passage.
KD-Summit S600First part heaves in your sight must be the delicate shell, quite resembling the real car. Taking off the shell, you can clearly see how the inner structure forms. Well, KD-Summit S600/610 adopts 4WD system featuring better steering capacity as well as control ability compared to the 2WD system. Thus the car is capable of running on the grass, ground and even the cobbled road. On ground, skidding is fun and easy to control.
KD-Summit S600Adopting brushless motor and powerful engine, KD-Summit S600/610 can suddenly speed up in the short time, which ensures faster movement and makes it easily throw over roadblocks. The base button utilizes durable plastics, which can survive different running condition. If looking carefully, you’ll find that the car base is much higher supported by the big foot. Meanwhile, the scientific base possesses very excellent heat dissipation to ensure safe running.
KD-Summit S600What’s more, KD-Summit S600/610 utilizes 4 independently hydraulic suspensions, which can greatly reduce strong impact to prevent itself from flipping over or being damaged. Besides, the mini truck employs nylon bumpers and anti-collision spring buffer system, so that the car can receive the least impact while it gets the strongest collision. In any case, the car frame is well protected.
KD-Summit S600As I mentioned before, this is a big foot car, which means it must possess very big wheels. And those big wheels are made of durable rubber and high-strength nylon. Meanwhile, the particles nails design endows it with better gripping force, making KD-Summit S600/610 well run on slipped grounds. Additionally, the 4 wheels system adopting a central transmission shaft, and they’re protected by two floors plastic central parts between the two differential cases.

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