iEagle Explorer Quadcopter with WIFI & GPS & 16Million Camera

iEagle Explorer Quadcopter

As far as I’m concerned, iEagle always provides pilots with the most considerate FPV quadcopters. Take iEagle Explorer Quadcopter for example, it’s much more capable in overall performances compared with FPV quadcopters asking the similar price. Carrying on all-on-one design and all-inclusive device, the newly released FPV kit will keep ranking the top topics. Okay, let’s take a closer look at the new favorite immediately.
iEagle Explorer QuadcopterFirst of all, the FPV kit includes a quadcopter measured 293mm in length, 167mm in width and 79mm in height, full HD camera with integrated mount and an intelligent transmitter. There are white and back versions of iEagle Explorer Quadcopter for you to choose. Made of high-rigid ABS plastics, the quadcopter can adapt different flight conditions. Built with red and blue LED lights, the quadcopter ensures both day and night photography.
iEagle Explorer QuadcopterAdopting flight control system with integrated gyro, iEagle Explorer Quadcopter is super stable in normal flights like rising, descending, moving forward and backward, turning left and right. Additionally, it’s capable of some simple stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, all of which enrich the aerial perspectives. For sake of the adjustable gyro, the quadcopter can automatically correct the attitude when flying into wrong direction in windy situations.
iEagle Explorer QuadcopterWhat’s more, iEagle Explorer Quadcopter employs a full HD camera with 16million pixels, and there is an one-piece camera mount. With a built-in GPS module, the quadcopter allows to hover at precise altitudes or make accurate position hold. Even flying at very fast speed, the camera will always keep stable with the quadcopter. Thus pilots are allowed to take high-quality pictures as well as Full HD video.
iEagle Explorer Quadcopter
Last but not least, there is an intelligent transmitter equipped with iEagle Explorer Quadcopter. And the transmitter supports telemetry feature. Just installing a mobile phone or tablet on the transmitter, you can real-time monitor the flight data such as battery voltage, temperature, attitude, GPS and so on. If the quadcopter disconnect with the controller, you can trigger it back via one-key return home technology.

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