Naze32 Flight Controller User Manual General Review

Naze32 Flight Controller

For ensure there must be something between mini multi-rotors and large-sized aircraft! Here I’m going to recommend Naze32 Flight Controller, designed for mid-sized multirotor craft. In fact, the flight controller is not widely known, but it does come with many highlights which I’ll show you in the next passage. Since you’re disinclined to read the long user manual, I’ll make a summary for you!
Naze32 Flight ControllerAdopting modern 32-bit ARM processor running at 3.3V/72MHz, the FC features very fast sensitivity as well as reaction. Additionally, Naze32 Flight Controller integrated MEMS gyro, accelerometer, compass and pressure sensor into one light control module measured 36X36mm. Besides, ti supports Quad-, Tri-, Hex-, Octo, various coaxial configurations as well as fully customized motor mixer for any airframe type.

Naze32 Flight Controller
If installed with a GPS module, the flight controller also supports GPS accurate position hold function, return to home feature as well as amazing headless mode. Let lone, Naze32 Flight Controller supports telemetry transmission. That is to say, if equipped with a comparable remote controller, the FC enables pilots to real-time monitor flight data such as battery voltage, temperature, altitude, GPS, etc.

Naze32 Flight Controller
What’s more, RX and TX connectors from USB serial converter are available. Thus Naze32 Flight Controller can be used to connect Bluetooth/XBee/etc to allow changing settings without connecting USB. And it can’t be used at same time with USB connection. 5V buzzer can be connected with a header here as well. Standard female to female servo cable can be used to connect a CCPM receiver.
Naze32 Flight ControllerLast but not least, Naze32 Flight Controller will satisfy FPV hobbyists. It can be used as a standalone camera gimbal stabilization unit. By setting mutlirotor type to “standalone gimbal stabilization”. In addition, camera output can also be enabled when used as a standard multirotor controller. In case of CCPM receiver, up to Octo can be supported while it still allows for camera control.

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