KK2.1 Multirotor LCD Flight Controller With Atmega324 PA Review

KK2.1 Flight Controller

Combining three-axis accelerometers and three-axis gyro into the small and light weight control module, KK2.1 Flight Controller is compatible with most multi-rotor aircraft on the market. The LCD screen and built in software makes the installation and setup easier for both experts and beginners. The new KK screen and button position have been moved into protective plug-in card remote control program, increasing the durability. Meanwhile, the plug-in card program can quickly adapt to a variety of related data settings.
KK2.1 Flight ControllerIn addition, The hard shell of KK2.1 Flight Controller retains the standard installation and the built-in buzzer 45 mm. To a certain extent, the shell design can protect the LCD screen and prevents it from being accidentally damaged. A host of multi-rotor craft types are pre-installed, which allows to simply select the craft type, check motor layout/propeller direction, calibrate your ESCs and radio. And you’re ready to start the flight if all parts including the propellers, ESC work normally!
KK2.1 Flight ControllerThe original KK gyro system has been updated to an incredibly sensitive 6050 MPU system, making KK2.1 Flight Controller the most stable FC for auto-level function. At the heart of the the flight controller, there is an Atmel Mega324 PA AVR RISC-based micro controller with very large memory. A polarity protected header has been added for voltage detection, so no need for on-board soldering. A handy piezo buzzer is also included for audio warning when activating and deactivating the board.
KK2.1 Flight Controller
KK2.1 Flight Controller is added with voltage sense header and a fuse protected buzzer outputs, in case something is accidentally plugged in incorrectly. The voltage sense line has been updated for better accuracy. The board is clearly labeled and the voltage sense line color has been changed to red for easy identification, making installation and connections a snap. If you’re new multi-rotor pilots or have been unsure about how to setup a KK board, this flight controller is the best choice!
KK2.1 Flight Controller

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