GARTT GT450 DFC Flybarless Rotor Assembly 3D Helicopter Review


Hello, everybody! What I’m going to introduce today is GARTT GT450, a great 3D helicopter distinguished for its aerobatics performance. Adopting high-rigid carbon fiber frame, the compact and concise helicopter, measured 635mm in length, 230mm in height, only weighs 450g including all parts. Large size as it possesses, this full 3D helicopter is quite agile and swift. You may keep reading if interested!
GARTT GT450When it comes to GARTT GT450L, DFC flybarless rotor head assembly is one of the most vital parts forming into the accurate structure. Featuring super-low CG, DFC flybarless assembly ensures more direct and precise control feel. Lower CG enables the helicopter to stably as well as smoothly demonstrate in windy situations. Meanwhile, flybarless system can dramatically promote response speed and flight efficiency.
GARTT GT450Normal flights like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward can be achieved without a hitch. Additionally, GARTT GT450L is capable of aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, crabbing, flipping, pitching, inverted flying as well as vertical flying. Let alone, the 6CH helicopter allows to concurrently conduct two or three stunts. For instance, 360º rotating, vertical flying and crabbing can be simultaneously demonstrated.
GARTT GT450What’s more, GARTT GT450L can automatically correct the attitude when flying into wrong direction, adopting flight control system with adjustable three-axis gyro. In addition, the striking green canopy not only enhances flight appreciation, and also can help pilot identify flying direction. At the same time, the canopy made of fiberglass without electricity conduction, which won’t cause self explosion when inner parts mixed.
GARTT GT450Moreover, The mount with integrated canopy mount designed is to bring CG closer to disk plane. The integrated design of main bearing block and servo mount ensures accurate operation, so does one-piece design of anti-rotation guide and gyro mount. the durable skid landing can greatly decrease sudden impact. And the nylon main blade which can be warped but not deformed can also survive many crashes.

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