Orlandoo OH35P01 KIT Climbing RC Car Assembly Review


Small proportion RC car kit took no space on the RC car market until OH35P01 KIT was released! Seemingly there was on one thinking of making climbing RC car kit before, Orlando-Hunter, one of Chinese RC companies, knowingly took the chance and made great success. Well, let’s go to make the assembly now!

Firstly, let’s take a look what tools and parts OH35P01 Kit includes

All assembling tools and parts are mentioned at the back of car box, which foresees an elegant and simplified RC car. With the rapid development of mapping software, the introduction has been made increasingly elaborate. As for OH35P01 Kit, it provides both Chinese and English introduction clearly showing the assembly steps. If you’re still puzzled, you can keep reading and follow my steps.

The Front Axle Assembly

The front axle almost shares the same size with 1¥ coin from the whole look. The steering gear is more mini compared with standard 9g version. And OH35P01 Kit provides special wiring for steering gear assembly.
OH35P01 KITHere I’ve to stress: the steering gear plate shouldn’t be fixed too tight! Small steering gear often has limited torsion, if fixed too tight, the steering gear can’t smoothly work! If you find it’s hard to function, you’d better loosen half circle of the screw. Well, the back axle assembly almost shares the same way.

The Ball Heads Assembly

OH35P01 KITThe hand drill included in OH35P01 Kit is not so handy, I advice you to prepare a small electric drill. Anyway, the whole ball head part assembly is quiet easy and smooth without the help of a reamer. Since the ball heads are easily broken, the manufacture provides 4 more for you.

See! The whole car frame torsion depends on these mini steels and ball links. The connection of ball heads and links has to be done by yourself with a self-prepared electric drill. For RC car hobbyists, they’ll much enjoy the process of OH35P01 Kit DIY.

The Base Part Assembly
OH35P01 KITOH35P01 Kit adopts one-piece base made of reliable plastic, with many identifications of trepanning. And you can start next parts after finishing the ball head assembly.
OH35P01 KITThis time you get N20 motor with equipped metal gear, and the interface conforms to JST. If changing the original devices, you may have to adopt new plugs.

The Shockproof Part Assembly

OH35P01 KITThe shockproof part utilizes spring suspension design, within which equips grease lubricant. Tenacity as the shockproof kit possesses, it can work normally as you expect.

The transmission shaft as well as cardan joint adopt plastic fixed by screws. When finishing the base part assembly, the general frame of OH35P01 Kit heaves in the sight.

The Wheel Part Assembly

OH35P01 KITThe four wheels adopts electroplating hubs technology. Meanwhile, the sponge bladders support the wheels. There is a test video about OH35P01 Kit online, proving that the wheels are enough toughness.

The LED Lights Assembly

There are four LED lights and four LED patches included OH35P01 Kit, which should be installed onto the special ESC. With a remote controller, you can freely control the LED lights!

Done work

The last step if car shell assembly, almost the easiest part no need to specially mention. As you see, OH35P01 Kit can really make a bravo mini RC car!

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