Sunnysky X2204 Brushless Motor For RC Model: the strong motor to help you enjoy wonderful flying experience

Sunnysky X2204

There are many kinds of motor in the market with different levels of quality. If you are not careful enough, you may get a inferior motor which can make your plane explode. So, how to choose a good motor? Well, i think, Sunnysky X2204 Brushless Motor is rather a good choice.

Sunnysky X2204
First of all, it is specially designed for quadcopters and multi-rotor aircrafts, therefore, if you are a quadcopter or multi-rotor aircraft owner, you can consider get this motor to have more professional operating experience. In addition, the weight of this kind of motor is just about 20g. That means, it won’t increase the load of your plane and your plane can fly as briskly as before.

Sunnysky X2204We should estimate the speed according to the weight of the plane, rotating speed according to speed, and kv value according to the rotating speed as well as the battery voltage value we choose. For example, if our aircraft weighs 350g and we use 3s lithium battery, then the kv value can be about 1800. And pay attention, this motor’s kv value is 1800, when you want to get this motor, you should measure or estimate the parameters before choosing and buying.Sunnysky X2204As we all know, with a brushless motor, we don’t need to change the carbon brush. And the service life of brushless motor is longer. When you start with a brushless motor, you can easily feel that you aircraft is more powerful compared to traditional motors. And guess what, brushless motor is more energy-efficient. And you won’t buy a good traditional motor at such low price since traditional motors at such prices is only able to be used for making some little toys.
Sunnysky X2204In a word, it is very unusual that you can buy a brushless motor at such price with such powerful features. Come and get Sunnysky X2204 Brushless Motor, you won’t be sorry!

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