How to improve your RC aircraft performance to the best level with SimonK 10A ESC

SimonK 10A ESC

As a model toy enthusiasts, you must be familiar with electronic speed controller. The module can control the motor to make the model complete specified actions at specified speed. For people who like to refit or even make their own plane by themselves, ESC is extra important because they always take lots of efforts to get a suitable ESC for their aircraft. That’s why i am here today to introduce SimonK 10A ESC to you.
SimonK 10A ESCFirst of all, this kind of ESC has several electricity versions for you to choose to let you find the version that best suit your plane and your demands. The power of the ESC must match with the motor or the power tube may be burned out and the ESC will be out of work otherwise. What’s more, you should pay attention that there are some ESCs of other brands don’t have the enough power that it is said on its specifications. For example, it is said that it is a 60A ESC and finally it turns out that it only can reach 55A. With SimonK 10A ESC, you don’t need to worry about this problem.
SimonK 10A ESCIn the early time of model campaign, there was no electric model toys but diesel model toys. At that time, the transmitters needed electricity and the voltage of the receiver was set as 4.8v. Until the invention of electric cars, people used 7.2v batteries as the main driving power of motors. However, voltage of 7.2v was too high for the receivers,therefore, people needed to add another set of 4.8v batteries for the receiver. To decrease the weight, people designed a circuitry used for decreasing the voltage from 7.2v or higher to 4.8v afterwards. This circuitry is the first BEC.  This kind of ESC has built-in BEC(Battery Eliminator Circuitry). With the BEC, model planes can be more light-weight and have longer using time and more stable voltage. All of these, can improve the flying performance of your plane.
SimonK 10A ESC
SimonK 10A ESC has the weight of only 8g, really suitable for multi-copter. With such a light weight, it won’t affect the performance of your aircraft, and what’s more, it will make your controlling smoother and your plane faster. Come and get it for your little plane!

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