Walkera V450D03 2.4GHz 6CH 6Axis Gyro Flybarless Helicopter Review

Walkera V450D03

Today I’m going to introduce Walkera V450D03, pretty excellent RC helicopter fit for all level pilots. You can’t tell the size from the outer structure which measured 676m in overall length and 816g in total weight including battery. The streamlined structure enables the helicopter to demonstrate full aerobatics. And here we go to see what kinds of flights it support!
Walkera V450D03First of all, the large helicopter is extremely stable and smooth in normal flights such as rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward. In addition, Walkera V450D03 is capable of fancy stunts like hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, vertical flying as well as inverted flying. Let alone, the 6CH helicopter allows to reach several stunts concurrently, for instance, vertical flying, 360º rotating and crabbing can be together.
Walkera V450D03Besides, Walkera V450D03 utilizes integrated flight control system with generation 2 6axis gyro including the receiver. That is to say, the helicopter can automatically correct its attitude when flying into wrong direction by accident. On account of the adjustable gyro, the flights as well as fancy stunts all can be achieved in less difficulty of operation. Adopting flybarless system, the helicopter is endowed with faster response and higher flight efficiency.
Walkera V450D03What’s more, Walkera V450D03: the brushless motor ensures stronger power, while driven system ensures easy adjustment, stable flight and low noise. The  26g high-speed digital servo as well as tail servo features high torque and fast response, resulting in furious flight and precise tail lock. Supported by high-capacity Li-polymer battery, it provides pilot with 8 minutes flight for one full charge. Considering its large body, this helicopter is more suitable to fly outdoor.

Walkera V450D03
Last but not least, the separated design of carbon fiber and skid landing makes Walkera V450D03 easy to disassemble as well as maintain. Meanwhile, the skid landing can greatly decrease sudden impact. The main blade adopts new compound carbon fiber materials owns better rigidity and toughness, which can survive many crashes. All in all, the helicopter suitable for all level pilots will grow with you!

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