Professional Walkera QR X350 FPV GPS Quadcopter Kit Review

Walkera QR X350

Carrying on commendable all-in-one design, Walkera QR X350 permits free choice for a certain transmitter and even a camera. for instance, some hobbyists prefer transmitter with LCD display, while other would like equip with smart phone. Whatever! This is the most cost-effective FPV kit for all levels pilots. Reading more, you won’t get rid of the kit.

Walkera QR X350
The all-in-one flight controller conducts main controller, gyro, sensor, accelerometer, barometer into a light and small module. Of course a GPS module is required to build in Walkera QR X350. There are three flight control modes supported for excellent flight and position hold feature. Namely, GPS attitude mode, attitude mode and manual mode. Hobbyists can freely switch between the three modes in line with individual need as well as experience.
Walkera QR X350The GPS attitude mode is for precise and accurate positioning, which plays a important role when photographing. Meanwhile, it supports return-to-home and fail-safe functions. GPS auto-pilot function supported by Walkera QR X350 is especially designed for entry-level enthusiasts. Under the mode, the quad-copter will stably fly at a fixed altitude. Even if you lose with the throttle, the quadcopter won’t suddenly rise or descend.
Walkera QR X350In addition, Walkera QR X350 is compatible with G-2D gimbal. Even flying at very fast speed, there is no swaying images or hysteresis phenomenon. Speaking this, HD iLook or Gopro Hero3 camera is allowed to install on G-2D gimbal. Moreover, the camera ensures real-time image transmission with a connected transmitter. So you can enjoy first person view experience via LCD monitor or goggles glasses.
Walkera QR X350What’s more, Walkera QR X350 supports different types of DEVO transmitters, such as DEVO F7, DEVO 10 and DEVO F12E. As for DEVO F7 with LCD display, it supports 1000m remote distance while 250m live video range. And DEVO 10 transmitter ensures 1.5km to 2km control distance while 400m wireless transmission, if equipped with FPV monitor or goggles glasses. DEVO F12E is capable of more than 1km remote distance as well as image transmission.
Walkera QR X350

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