Walkera Voyager 3 Quadcopter with 4K Camera & Follow-me Mode Review

Walkera Voyager 3

Do you still remember Scout X4? At the end of 2014, Walkera amazes FPV pilots with brilliant design. Based on the successful experience of Scout X4, Walkera Voyager 3 finally was expectantly released along with more capable FPV features. In the following passage, I’ll give a general review towards the remarkable FPV quadcopter!

Transformable Body

Walkera Voyager 3
Usually the landing gears of multi-rotors are fixed without ability to transform, which makes the lens warped while photographing. As for Walkera Voyager 3, the arms can be adjusted and the landing gears can automatically move into horizontal direction, thus the camera can reach 360º unobstructed perspectives. When it’s ready to land, the skid landing will automatically back to takeoff position to decrease sudden impact.

Full HD 4K Camera

Walkera Voyager 3
Walkera Voyager 3 utilizes 4K Camera which allows to take 4K video at 24p ~ 30p and HD video frame rates from 24p to 60p, featuring a 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor with a 94-degree FOV lens. And The field of view works out about 20mm in 35mm equivalent. Besides, you’re allowed to change all camera settings, including ISO, white balance, exposure and so on to achieve idealized aerial photography. And the camera is supported by reliable 3axis gimbal.

GPS & GLONASS Dual-Navigation

Walkera Voyager 3
This is the breakthrough made by Walkera Voyager 3. The quadcopter can make accurate and precise position hold equipped with GPS module. Besides, GLONASS dual-navigation make pilots have access to larger blanket of satellites supplying it with more accurate location data. Downloading APP into the mobile phone, you can set multiple way points via the touch screen, and the two way points distance is about 2m! How could you lose you target!

Follow-Me Mode

Walkera Voyager 3
Follow-me mode definitely is the most fabulous feature that Walkera Voyager 3 possesses, Which means hobbyists don’t have to manually operate a transmitter to follow dynamic object. Once setting a certain object and starting the mode, the quadcopter will automatically follow it wherever it goes, particularly suited to capture extreme sports like skiing, surfing, climbing, etc.

2.4GHz + 5.8GHz Wireless Video Transmission

Walkera Voyager 3
Walkera Voyager 3 supports 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz wireless video transmission. It’s comparable with transmitter including a high resolution LCD monitor which supports telemetry feature. For one thing, pilots can monitor flight data such as battery voltage, weather, altitude, temperature, GPS and so on to avoid crashes. For another thing, first person view photography via the LCD display!

Return-to-Home & LED Navigation

Walkera Voyager 3
The flight time is about 25mins for one full charge, that is, Walkera Voyager 3 can probably fly out of your vision. If it does disconnect with the transmitter, pilots allow to trigger it back through return-to-home or fail-safe function. Moreover, there are too level low voltage protection: In the first level, LED lights will blink to warn you to change the battery; in the second level, the quadcopter will automatically back to take-off place.

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  1. ATENCIÓN EL WALKERA VOYAGER 3 SE DESPLOMAM EN PLENO VUELOFALLOS DE FABRICACIÓN SE ESTRELLAN POR DEFECTOS DE FABRICA Ya son dos los Walkera Voyager los que se an estrenando. Por defectos de fabrica y el tren de aterrizaje no funciona correctamente. Los motores se encienden sin tocar el Voyager o la emisora y otras veces es imposible ponerlo en marcha. Y la garantía no se hace cargo no quieren saber nada no son serios tened cuidado tienen muchos defectos

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