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syma x8c

Many of you know how popular Syma’s X5C quadcopter was. It was no surprising, as it offered enthusiasts one of the best entry level quads at an unbeatable price. Well, now Syma has decided it´s time to try raising the bar and offering a larger quad with few hidden tricks.

syma x8c

First Impression:
At first sight, the X8C is strikingly similar to the Phantom from DJI Innovations and this is obviously not a surprise. So far, this quad comes with two color schemes, white and orange. Certainly, it can be said that the orange version is a strong “kid-magnet”, so you would rather select an isolated place to fly if you want to avoid a horde of kids storming towards your location.

syma x8c
The body of the X8C is made of semi-flexible plastic; meaning that is not a brittle plastic and the quad will be able to survive many falls. Another factor that might provide endurance to the body is the fact that the X8C is incredibly light!

The body consist of two main parts that can be removed by unscrewing the screws located at the end of each arm.

It´s worth mentioning that there are 4 LED lights located under each arm allowing for easy orientation during night flying.

syma x8c
The dimensions of the 2S battery powering the quad are 12X34X45 and its voltage is 7.4V with 1800mAh. Note that the stock battery that will come with the X8C is actually of larger capacity 2000mAh instead of the one used in this review which was of 1800mAh. Many of you would probably want to get few extra batteries right away as the X8C can fly from 5 to 7 minutes on a single battery. The charging time for the stock battery will be of around 200 minutes, another reason to get few batteries at once.

syma x8c
We expected a quad of this caliber to come with brushless motors, but this is not the case of the X8C. This quad comes with 4 brushed motors of a rather small size, although with enough strength to perform some 3D flips, etc. Probably Syma opted for brushed motors because they are rather simple and economic and giving them a competitive edge in term of price. Adding brushless motors would increase the price of this quad considerably as they are more expensive and you need to include ESCs and so on. We hope although that a future upgrade would include brushless motors as these could provide a boost to the flying performance of the X8C.

The 4 brushed motors in this quad do a fair job, as they come with two speed modes (H and L) high and low, although the acceleration and the yaw are rather slow. This could somehow limit aerobatics, but it can certainly be good news for those looking to record some stable video!

syma x8c
The length of the propellers’ blade that come with the 8XC is of 11cm and they are as you might have guessed they are made out of plastic. Initially, it looked like they were held in place by a large silver bolt; this is but an illusion. The bolt is actually a plastic cover housing the upper section of the shaft, which has a plastic safety cylinder, fixed to the shaft by a tiny screw. This unit holds the propeller in place. It should not be a big deal when it comes to changing propellers, but probably bolts are preferable.

syma x8c syma x8c syma x8c
This orange version of the X8C comes with a white and orange controller; being the body white and the knobs and button orange. There is not much to say about this controller other than on the top it has the functions for the speed modes and “3D eversion” and a button to control the camera; allowing users to take photos or video while flying.

syma x8c
The X8C is equipped with a stock camera of around 2MP capable of shooting images with a resolution of 2560X1440 (3.7MP) and recording HD (1280X720) video. To be honest, the quality of the camera is rather poor especially if you are recording during fast motion; however it gets better if you keep the quad stable in place. The camera includes a 4GB micro SD card.

It is to be expected that many of you might want to venture and upgrade the on-board camera using a Mobius or some other light camera instead. But for this you might need to come up with a smart solution to keep those cameras in place. The camera on the X8C can be easily removed with just one movement.

syma x8c
This quad is awesome for beginners and experienced users wanting to acquire an affordable option just to have fun and record video now and then. Beginners will love the stability of the X8C, it terms of docility it deserves 10 points. It can also do some amazing flips by pressing the right button on the controller’s upper right corner. This function is called “3D Eversion” and the truth is that it´s impressive to see a large quad like this one do a 360 flip. It is not advisable to do these flips with a low battery, as the quad could get too close to the ground and, of course, the minimum height for such maneuvers should be 3 meters and above. The flying range or distance for this quad should be of around 100m although we do not fully tested this range.

syma x8c
Banggood has the best price for this quad so far 111.99 USD. Taking into account the size of this quad, its quality and functionality, it´s a great deal and no doubt this orange beauty will become a best-seller. Those of you that enjoyed the X5C will certainly love its bigger brother the X8C.

syma x8c
To summarize the main advantages of the X8C are its stability, price, and appealing design. Making an ideal entry-level quad just as its younger brother the X5C and a great video recording aircraft. The disadvantages are rather weak motors and poor video quality from the stock camera.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video review of the 8XC to you can see it in action.

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