Syma X8C 2.4G 4CH FPV Quad-copter with HD Wide Angle Camera Review

Syma X8C

While most quadcopters adopt the white shell, Syma X8C really makes an impression in terms of light orange shell. When you have a crush on thing, you won’t give up getting more information about it. This is the way that I fall in love with it, and I believe you do too! Well, this is a medium size quadcopter equipped with mini camera, which is extremely suitable for entry-level FPV hobbyists like you and me.
Syma X8COkay, let’s take a general look at Syma X8C firstly: the reason why I love the light orange shell is that the shell can indescribably bring me good mood. The best part is, it also helps me clearly identify flying direction to avoid crash since I’m a beginner. Utilizing durable plastic, the quadcopter is proved to be safe and sound after times collisions. The propellers can be warped but not deformed, let alone, there are considerate propellers protection covers.
Syma X8CWhat’s more, Syma X8C adopts flight control system with adjustable 6-axis gyro, resulting in super stable and smooth rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward. Moreover, the quadcopter is capable of aerobatics like hovering, flipping, crabbing, rolling, 360º rotating as well as hand launching. for sake of 6-axis adjustable gyro, it can automatically correct the attitude when flying into wrong direction in windy outdoor.

Syma X8C
In addition, the mini camera under the abdomen is tightly fixed with Syma X8C, and it always shares the same stability with the quadcopter. Well, the new version provides 2MP or 5MP cameras, hobbyists can choose in line with personal need. Besides, the whole body of the quadcopter is built with colorful LED lights, which ensures both day and night flight. If adopting higher pixels camera, night photography is quite fabulous.

Syma X8CFinally, Syma X8C is equipped with 2.4GHz transmitter supporting telemetry function. Flight data like battery voltage, altitude, temperature, GPS and so on can be real-time monitored via the LCD screen. The remote distance is about 50m, while flying time is about 7mins for one full charge. When flying indoor, these considerate protection covers can effectively prevent propellers from colliding.
Syma X8C

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