Fast & Furious 1/12 2.4GHz 2WD 9115 Monster Truck Review

9115 Monster Truck

Here we go to have a look at recently hottest 9115 Monster Truck, styled after pickup body with  extremely large wheels and suspension. An off-road vehicle is always so popular with a mass of hobbyists. 9115 is specially designed for competition and popular sports entertainment. Particularly, the monster truck performs quite excellent when running on mud bogging, tractor pulls and cobbled road.
9115 Monster TruckIt is always the inner structure that determines the quality of a monster truck. Adopting powerful and durable engine, 9115 Monster Truck can suddenly speed up in very short time, which makes it easily throw over roadblocks. The base button utilizes high-level plastic, which won’t easily get scraped wherever it walks or runs. And button with hollows can effectively dissipate the heat caused by the engine system, ensuring continuous high-speed rotation.
9115 Monster TruckWhat’s more, 9115 Monster Truck adopts hydraulic suspension system, which can automatically reduce strong impact to prevent its body from flipping over or being damaged. In addition, there are thick nylon bumpers and anti-collision spring buffer system, which enable the monster truck to receive the least impact when it gets pretty strong collision. In any case, the inner structure can be well protected with the reasonable design.
9115 Monster TruckMoreover, the large wheels is made of durable rubber and high-strength nylon. The particles nails design endows 9115 Monster Truck with better gripping force, which makes the car well running on slipped grounds. And the high-strength wheels will be safe and sound even running on cobbled road. So you can trustingly play it on any kind of grounds. Or you can set some man-made barriers, I believe the monster car is glad to surprise you!

9115 Monster Truck
Last but not least, 9115 Monster Truck is equipped with remote shut-off switches called the Remote Ignition Interrupter, which helps avoid an accident if the driver loses control at any time. Boys all want such a monster truck, and surely this is a bravo gift which can really make them happy!
9115 Monster Truck

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