SKY HAWKEYE 1315S Quad-copter With 5.8G Real-time Transmission Review


Seemingly FPV keeps ranking the hottest topics in 2015 with a large variety of new kits coming out! Take the newest SKY HAWKEYE 1315S for example, the FPV quad-copter with 40mm in length and width, 10cm in height looks pretty special in appearance. It’s released under the expectation of many enthusiasts based on previously successful design. Now let’s go to see how exactly the expectant quad-copter performs!
This is a really cute quad-copter made into flying insect shape. But firstly, I’d like focus on its configuration. It’s quite obvious that you’re right to choose a FPV quad-copter like SKY HAWKEYE 1315S. Utilizing flight control system with integrated gyro, the quad-copter is endowed with bravo stability. And it even can automatically correct the attitude when flying into wrong direction in windy situation.
SKY HAWKEYE 1315SNormal direction flights like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward can be achieved without striking a blowing. Let alone, SKY HAWKEYE 1315S is capable of fancy stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, headless flying, all of which contribute to capture very unique perspectives when photographing. In terms of its body size, the quad-copter is suitable to fly both indoor and outdoor.
SKY HAWKEYE 1315SWhen it comes to photography, there is a mini camera built under the abdomen, allowing pilots  to take HD video and picture. The best apart is, SKY HAWKEYE 1315S is equipped with an capable transmitter that supports telemetry function as well as real-time transmission. The LCD screen will help pilot real-time monitor battery voltage, altitude, temperature, GPS and other flight data, greatly reducing crashes or collisions.
SKY HAWKEYE 1315SAt the same time, first person view photography can be reached via the HD monitor installed on the top of SKY HAWKEYE 1315S. That is to say, pilot can real-time enjoy what the camera shoot in terms of 5.8GHz wireless transmission. Day and night flight are ensured since the whole body is built with colorful LED lights. Personally, I’m quite into night flight with lights on, which makes it pretty resemble the flying bird.

Moreover, pilots can clearly identify the flying direction on account of forehead red propellers. Meanwhile, the propellers is endowed with protection covers. When flying indoor, the protection cover can prevent the propellers from being deformed. Have good time with SKY HAWKEYE 1315S!

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