WLtoys V686G FPV Headless Mode RC Quad-copter with 2MP Camera Review

WLtoys V686G

Quad-copter is always the most considerate choice for entry-level FPV hobbyists. Unexpectedly, I’m gonna introduce you WLtoys V686G, the newly released quad-copter endowed with 2MP camera as well as headless mode. With FPV family being increasingly expanded these years, how could a beginner grow from a “little baby” to an “experienced adult” attaches your attention. You may keep reading if interested!
WLtoys V686GAs beginners, you should choose something very controllable. Here I mean WLtoys V686G with reliable flight control system could be a nice choice! You have to be a great pilot before you’re a FPV hobbyist. If without much flight experience, an quad-copter with six-axis gyro can help you a lot. Normal flight like rising, descending, moving forward and backward, turning left and right can be stably and smoothly reached.
WLtoys V686G WLtoys V686G
Let alone, WLtoys V686G is capable of hovering, rolling, flipping, crabbing,etc. All of the stable flights can help capture stable image, especially for accurate hovering. Even if you’re beginners deadly lack of experience, you can have access to amazing headless mode. Usually the flying direction is always consistent with the nose. Under the mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points. Pretty incredible, isn’t it!
WLtoys V686GWell, I forget to tell you this is a medium size quad-copter with 200mm in both length and width, 93mm in height. There is a mini camera built on the nose of WLtoys V686G, which is not very clear to see but it is! Small in size as the camera is, it actually possesses 2M pixels. If you want to experience childhood pleasure, missile launcher,water connon, hook&basket and bubble blower all can be achieved by the quad-copter.
WLtoys V686GWhat’s more, there is intelligent remote controller equipped with WLtoys V686G. And the controller supports 5.8GHz wireless image transmission. See! There is large monitor built on the upper of the transmitter. And pilots allows to experience first person view photography! Moreover, the transmitter supporting telemetry gets LCD screen, which can real-time monitor flight data like battery voltage, altitude, temperature, GPS, etc to avoid crashes.
WLtoys V686GIn addition, the black and red propellers with striking visual impact helps pilot identify flying direction. Speaking this, WLtoys V686G is equipped with removable propellers protection covers. You’d better put the covers on when flying indoor, while outdoor flying is much freer! The whole body of the quad-copter is built in colorful LED lights, which ensures both day and night flight. It’s pretty charming especially flying in the dark.

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