RadioLink T7F 2.4G 7CH Radio Transmitter with LCD Telemetry Review

RadioLink T7F

Today I’m gonna introduce you RadioLink T7F 2.4GHz 7CH transmitter adopting FHSS digital proportional system compatible with RC airplane and helicopter. From overall sides, this is a cost-effective transmitter suitable for beginners. I believe some of you have already experienced it! Anyway, I will show you something vital about the transmitter in order to makes it best use.
RadioLink T7FWhen it comes to a transmitter, the first thing is about the control surface. Hand touching isn’t the point I want to talk, cause you’ll get that after holding it by yourself. Let’s just see what on earth RadioLink T7F has: antenna apparently is to radiate signal to the receiver, but you shouldn’t point at the model when flying. There are several switches, keys, levers as well as sticks neatly arranged on the case.

RadioLink T7F
Adopting ACRO mode, external switches operation includes dual rates(D/R), landing gear, trainer cord or “buddy-box” capabilities. And programming features includes servo reversing and E.P.Aon all channel, dual rates, exponential. Additionally, any one of four, factory-set, pre-programmed “wing-type” mixers including flaperon, V-tail, elevon mixing may be selected.
RadioLink T7FAs for HELI mode, dual rate (D/R), Idle up, throttle hold, and gyro sense can be operated by switch. Too different gyro senses can be set with RadioLink T7F GY100 gyro on gyro function. Programming features include servo reversing and E.P.Aon all channels, dual rates, exponential, throttle curve, pitch curve, throttle hold and pit to rudder mixing. In addition, any one of two, factory-set, pre-programmed “swash-plate type” mixers can be selected.
RadioLink T7FWhat’s more, LCD displau provided by RadioLink T7F helps pilots a lot. The transmitter can interacts with the flight controller, and the feedback data are allowed to present via the LCD display in terms of telemetry function. For instance, battery voltage, altitude, weather, temperature, GPS and other flight data can be real-time monitored, which greatly reduce flight crashes.
RadioLink T7FLast but not least, RadioLink T7F allows to store six models, which means data including control throw, trims, end points, etc for up to six different models can be stored in the transmitter and activated at ant time. And this eliminates the requirement for recording the transmitter each time you decide to fly a different model with it! Flying a model with wrong program will result in a crash, so always be certain the model name in the transmitter is correct!

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