JJRC H12C 6Axis Headless mode Quad-copter with LED Lights & 5MP Camera


Every FPV equipment bold with “suitable for beginners” shows great welcome to entry-level pilots. Today I’m going to introduce you JJRC H12C, pretty adorable FPV quad-copter integrated flight control system as well as terrific components. I could even foresee the quad-copter would likely be the hottest FPV equipment among these curious beginners. You may fall in love with the pretty cute thing by reading continuously.
First of all, this is the medium FPV quad-copter with 31cm in both length and width including the cover. Speaking this, the protection cover design is one of the highlights provided by JJRC H12C. Typically, the durable plastic enable the quad-copter to survive many crashes. Considering propellers relatively fragile and dangerous, pilots can put on the protection covers when flying indoor. Well outdoor flying is much freer!
JJRC H12CUtilizing flight control system with 6axis gyro, JJRC H12C is supper stable and smooth in normal flights such as rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward. Let alone, the quad-copter is capable of aerobatics like rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, etc. Because of the adjustable gyro, the quad-copter allows to automatically correct its bearing when flying into wrong direction in windy situation.
JJRC H12CIn addition, JJRC H12C supports amazing headless mode. Usually the flying direction is consistent with the nose. Under headless mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points! Especially with all LED light on, the quad-copter is pretty compelling without talking about FPV feature. And the LED lights also helps pilots clearly identify the flying direction. Besides, all of the aerobatics actually provides untouchable FPV perspectives.

What’s more, camera always plays very important role when aerial photographing! As for JJRC H12C, it utilizes 5MP camera which is able to take HD picture and video. You can clearly see that there is a mini camera hanging under the abdomen of the quad-copter. Here I forget to tell, the quad-copter is equipped durable skid landing which won’t warp the camera lens. Usually the camera inherits the same stability from the quad-copter.
JJRC H12CLast but not least, there is a handy transmitter equipped with JJRC H12C allowing to switch freely between mode1 and mode2. The control range is about 300m while the flight time is about 8mins. That is to say, the quad-copter probably flies out of out vision. Don’t worry! The transmitter supports one-key-return function. Pilots without experience allows to trigger it back when the quad-copter lost in your vision!

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