Reviews of RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitter

RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitter

As we all know that, transmitter is one of the most import part for an RC toy. And there are so many transmitters in the world market today, you can choose one that is most suitable for you. Today, we will talk something about RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitter.
RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitterThis device comes with adopted technology, which is applied to a 3D helicopter. So, you have no need to adjust the crystals for both transmitter and receive, because the 2.4 GHz radio control technology is the most advanced. On the other hand, while the system RC can avoid the problem of interaction mechanisms to best match the sophisticated code.
RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitterJust like other transmitters, the RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitter also has many features. Firstly, auto frequency hopping. What’s mean? In other words, the transmitter will detect whether the current spectrum channel was occupied when its power on, and it will hop to the next one until which it’s not occupied. The receive will search and match with the transmitter which shares the same identity code.
RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitterSecondly, it comes with wireless code match. Each transmitter has a unique identity code of its own, the receiver will search and bind with the nearest transmitter while pressing the code matching button on it. There is no need to match again in future use once its matching successfully.
Thirdly, high anti-jamming technology and adjacent channel rejection ratio. The adoption of FHSS technology makes our products have excellent anti-interference capability, and helps the models always be in control easily. And then the system at least up to 0 channels, adjacent channel rejection ratio greater than 60dB, without any adjacent channel effect in flight.
RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitterIn addition to their use in broadcasting, transmitters are necessary component parts of many electronic devices, such as cell phones, wireless computer networks, Bluetooth enabled devices, garage door openers, two-way radios in aircraft, ships, and spacecraft, radar sets, and navigational beacons. The term transmitter is usually limited to equipment that generates radio waves for communication purposes, or radiolocation, such as RadioLink T6EHP-E transmitter.

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