Hubsan H107C+ 2.4G RC Quad-Copter with 720P Camera RTF Review

Hubsan H107C+

If you’re entry-level enthusiasts scouting for FPV quad-copter, I’d like recommend Hubsan H107C+. The newly released mini FPV quad-copter carried forward fabulous design from its pioneers, meanwhile, it made a great progress towards comprehensive performance. Different from the old FPV quad-copter, this one in small size actually allows beginners to experience incapable aerial photography.
Hubsan H107C+Simple and faddish appearance makes Hubsan H107C+ outstanding from a mass of quad-copters. You can see nothing but a “flying insect” painted its brand name upper the nose. It’s pretty vivid   that scattered hollows makes its eyes, built-in camera on the nose makes its mouth while the axis and propellers make its wings. Besides, the hollow shell can enhance heat dissipation to some extents. And the LED lights built outward of the rubber foot ensures both day and night flights.

Hubsan H107C+
Utilizing flight control system with adjustable 6-axis gyro, Hubsan H107C+ is very good at rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward. In addition, the quad-copter is capable of simple aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, all of which enriched aerial perspectives. Small size as it is, the quad-copter always keeps its cool and stable bearing when flying windy outdoor in terms of adjustable 6-axis gyro.

Hubsan H107C+
What’s more, the integrated flight control system of Hubsan H107C+ supports 5.8GHz wireless video transmission if there is a 2.4GHz 4CH transmitter. Personally, it’s better for you to take a transmitter with LCD display, thus you can real-time monitor the flight data as well as enjoy the first person view scenery. The built-in HD camera allows you to shoot 720P video, and all videos and pictures taken will be stored in the large memory card. Furthermore, Hubsan H107C+ can be controlled within 100m, so does the live video distance.

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