Hisky HCP100S Helicopter: Affordable Equipment You Need For Learning of ABC of 3D

Hisky HCP100S

So you’ve decided to learn to do 360°flipping with your little plane. This is a kinda difficult and great step, especially if you have just started to learn how to control it. And that’s why you need a suitable aircraft, and that’s why Hisky HCP100S Helicopter is your best choice!

First of all, the whole body of the plane is made of advanced materials, and the whole weight of it is just 50g, which means the aircraft is more simple and energy-efficient, and the resistance is less allowing it to fly quickly and smoothly. Just imagine how cool it will be if your plane can fly like a real bird!
Hisky HCP100S
People always complain about the damaging of crystal oscillator. With Hisky HCP100S Helicopter, you don’t have to worry about such problem. Because it adopt SMD Crystal Oscillator which can greatly decrease the possibility of damaging of Crystal Oscillator.
Hisky HCP100SAnd if you want to enjoy flying experience no matter what weather it is, then Hisky HCP100S Helicopter is your copter. The going forward and drawing back actions of the plane are controlled by full-proportional servo. And when the strong wind makes your plane rotate, the lock-in-the-tail system of gyro will automatically adjust the plane to the original position before being affected by the wind.You can fly your plane with unparalleled stability even in a blustery day.
Hisky HCP100SIt’s always easy to break the tail blades. And after that, we have to take efforts to buy another suitable replacements. The blades of it adopts high-quality flexible and durable materials. No matter what objects your plane hits, blades won’t smash. And the powerful tail motor provides you a flexible turn of your plane.

Hisky HCP100S
For a 3D beginner, it’s a ecstasy to create a beautiful 360°flipping easily. With just single strong propeller, you can avoid the each-other counteracting of wind power and the messy airflow brought by external wind, and enjoy the agile, quick and exciting controlling of a real aerial-model-class aircraft.
Hisky HCP100SWith such a affordable price, it’s a good idea for you to invest in Hisky HCP100S Helicopter.

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