A Brief Review towards Hobbywing XRotor Brushless ESC for RC Multi-rotors

Hobbywing XRotor

With more and more people keen on multi-rotor aircraft, Hobbywing XRotor emerged at the right time. The brushless electronic speed controller is specially designed for multi-rotor aircraft, especially for quad-copter. Featured by fast response, strong anti-interference as well as high compatibility, the brushless ESC has been warmly welcomed by plenty of hobbyists. Now let’s take a general look at the ESC.
Hobbywing XRotor
Utilizing authorized program, throttle response speed of Hobbywing XRotor brushless ESC has been greatly improved, which makes it capable all kinds of fast and agile movements. Particularly for FPV aircraft, more precise and accurate hovering is ensured to reach stable and smooth video recording. Besides, users can set throttle mode according to receiver it adopts. Even rotating in very low speed, the ESC ensures very stable and smooth throttle curve.

Adopting professional MOSFET driving chip and high-level CPU, the driving performance of Hobbywing XRotor will exceed what you expect! There are three starting modes: ordinary mode, soft mode and super-soft mode. The brushless ESC provides you with different rated current varying from 10A to 50A to supports any standard of motor. Besides, it supports very high speed rotation such as 210,000 RPM, 70,000RPM, 35,000RPM, while the highest signal frequency reaches 621Hz.
Hobbywing XRotor
In addition, Hobbywing XRotor utilizes twists-pair throttle wire, which dramatically reduces interference towards transmission inner the copper wire, which results in safer and more reliable flight. Differing from most ESC on the market, Hobbywing XRotor doesn’t require much adjustment when applied to new remote controller. The only thing you have to do is set necessary data, because the electronic speed controller will retain angle parameters for you.

Hobbywing XRotorLast but not least, Hobbywing XRotor has been improved to be comparable with upgraded disc motor. And brushless electronic speed controller with high compatibility can perfectly work with all kinds of disc motors on the market. Even the aircraft is heavily loaded or possesses long flight time, there is very less chance to stuck in rotating. Thus explosion or crash chance will be greatly decreased!

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