Parrot Bebop Drone3.0 RC Quad-copter with 14Mpx Fisheye Camera Review

Parrot Bebop Drone

With the competition being more and more fierce, FPV equipment has emerged in endlessly. Parrot Bebop Drone3.0, providing a set of high-level FPV devices, was released at the end of year 2014. Getting rid of splendid appearance, the FPV quad-copter with 280x320x36mm in size attaches importance to its photography performance. It’s quite striking that there is a camera built on the nose while the main shell is specially design to cater the camera.
Parrot Bebop Drone3.0Adopting integrated flight control system including 3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer, Parrot Bebop Drone3.0 always keeps its smooth and stable bearing whatever flight it conduct. Geo-location is also included with the combination of GPS and GLONASS, which ensures pretty accurate positioning hold. Hovering, rolling, rotating are particularly stable, thus pilots allows to capture very large-scale scenery.
Parrot Bebop Drone3.0Equipped with 14Mpx fisheye camera, Parrot Bebop Drone3.0 records videos or take pictures in  180º angle of view with remarkable image quality. A full-digital image stabilization technology allows the quad-copter to take remarkably stable and clear aerial footage regardless of vibration of its movements. Splash and dust proof lens adopted by action camera often shows horizontal lines distortion. In contrast, the camera delivers distorted lines which is not curved anymore.
Parrot Bebop Drone3.0There is sly controller equipped with Parrot Bebop Drone3.0. Hobbyists can real-time monitor the flight, cause the flight data like battery voltage, altitude, weather, temperature and GPS can be monitored via the LCD display screen. Meanwhile, you’re allowed to enjoy the first person of view scenery which also can be displayed through the LCD screen. A pair of goggles will help you get closer to FPV scenery, and it’s supported by the controller.
Parrot Bebop Drone3.0What’s more, the Parrot sky controller supports extended the WIFI! The piloting smart-phone or tablet is fixed on a shelf that is compatible with the vast majority of smart-phones & tablets available on the market. Just installing FreeFlight 3 APP, hobbyists allows to set detailed flight data while freely enjoying the pleasure of flying. When return-to-home is selected, Parrot Bebop Drone3.0 automatically back to takeoff place when the altitude is beyond 10m. Once it reaches takeoff place, it will stop and hover 2m above the ground.
Parrot Bebop Drone3.0Last but not least, there are two removable propeller protection covers to ensure safer flight. Parrot Bebop Drone3.0 possesses great durability for sake of ABS material. In the event of any collision, the propellers will stop rotating immediately. All parts of the quad-copter are removable for easy assembly and transport. For sake of its size, the quad-copter allows to fly both indoor and outdoor. You’d better put on the protection covers when flying indoor!

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