FPV Quad-copter Unicorn 1 with Equipped Camera Able to Pass Through Jungle & Mountain

Unicorn 1

2015 will welcome a mass of new FPV equipment with its rapid development, especially like new-structured quad-copter Unicorn 1! Different from DJI phantom version, this quad-copter takes full carbon fiber main frame with all vital components placed in. And there is a special VTX antenna output for better image transmission. It is said that the fantastic quad-copter can pass through untouchable mountain and impenetrable jungle!
Unicorn 1Adopting super slim and compact structure, Unicorn 1 is only 258mm in size and 25mm in frame thickness. The accurate main frame of course contains a GPS module since it’s FPV quad-copter. As for camera, it’s undoubtedly installed on the nose with shock damper. Side baffle design on its flank is to avoid dust invading. The reserved position if for low voltage alarm installation. Besides, this quad-copter allows to be installed invertedly.

Unicorn 1
Camera always places the first when it comes to photographing! And I think 600TVL super mini camera is capable enough for large-scale photography, because 10º elevation ensures your visual angle always keeps forward when the quad-copter in high speed flying. In addition, the VTX antenna gets 200Wm image output with transmission distance up to 1km. What’s more The flight controller of Unicorn 1 supports headless mode.
Unicorn 1Usually, the flying direction is always consistent with nose. Under IOC mode, the flying direction is nothing to do with the nose wherever it points. And return-to-home is ensured when Unicorn 1 flies too far from takeoff place and gets lost with the controller. Moreover, there are 3 flight modes, GPS altitude mode, altitude mode and manual mode. Hobbyists can choose in line with personal experience or need to reach idealized flight.

Unicorn 1
Last but not least, there is a intelligent transmitter equipped with Unicorn 1. The LCD monitor with 2.4G telemetry will help hobbyists to monitor flight data such as battery voltage, weather, altitude, GPS, etc. On account of its high and far flight, you’d better utilize a pair of goggles glasses in order to reach wider angle of view. Personally, LED lights are very needed to install helping you better control the flight!

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