6CH Hubsan H302F FPV Airplane 5.8GHz Telemetry 5MP camera Review

Hubsan H302F

Today I’m going to introduce you Hubsan H302F, a newly released FPV airplane. With 617mm in overall length, 1400mm in wing span, the flying weight only takes 400g in that the airplane adopts light-weight but durable EPO crash-proof material. This is all-inclusive FPV equipment, although a gimbal isn’t included. Precisely it doesn’t need a gimbal! Now follow my steps to blow away the myths.

Hubsan H302F
Designed in line with aerodynamics, Hubsan H302F is able to take advantage of buoyancy to reach more smooth and relaxed flight. Let alone, it adopts flight control system with self-stabilization. Normal flight like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward can be achieved without effort. Besides, the 6CH airplane is capable of hovering, rolling and other stunts, which helps pilots capture all kinds of perspectives.

Hubsan H302F
What’s more, there is a auto-pilot module built in Hubsan H302F. As for entry-level hobbyists, you can reach very amazing FPV experience via the mode. And GPS module is also included to ensure accurate and precise positioning hold. Even hovering is supported and concisely controlled with help of GPS positioning. All in all, this FPV airplane is suitable for both beginners and superiors.
Hubsan H302FWhen it comes to photographing, you may notice the camera built above the nose. Apparently the camera is specially fixed on the airplane, in another word, it almost keeps consistent with the airplane apart from being up/down exchanged occasionally. And the equipped camera possesses 5M pixels! In addition, pilots allows to choose large memory card to store what you will shoot.
Hubsan H302FMoreover, Hubsan H302F is equipped with an intelligent transmitter providing telemetry 3.5″ LCD monitor. And the transmitter supports 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz video transmission! For one thing, hobbyists allows to enjoy the aerial scenery via the high-resolution monitor. For another thing, flight data like battery voltage, altitude, weather, temperature, GPS all can be real-time monitored. If scouting first person of view FPV, you may utilizes a pair of goggles glass.
Hubsan H302FFinally, the control distance is bout 1000m while the video distance is about 800m. Supported by high capacity battery, Hubsan H302F can fly above 30mins.

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