Safe & High Capacity & Long Service Life ZOP Power Lipo Battery Review

ZOP Power 4000MAH Battery

It’s widely recognized that ZOP Power Lipo Battery is quite safe and reliable. Thus more and more model hobbyists tend to choose it beyond other batteries. Small body and light weight as the battery possesses, it’s endowed with high capacity, long service life, providing hobbyists with high convenience and efficiency. In the following passage, I will give a general review towards the battery!

ZOP Power 1500mAh Battery
For sure first feature makes hobbyists excited is the high capacity that ZOP Power Lipo Battery provides. It’s incredible that the lightweight and small battery possesses so large capacity!  Thinking about this, the battery is running out while the aircraft is shooting very astonish scenery. How damn thing it is when you’re forced to stop photographing! If adopting Li-polymer battery, you can have access to longer time flight as well as photography.

ZOP Power 4000MAH Battery
In addition, the smaller internal resistance the battery possesses, the longer service life it has. That is to say, battery with smaller inner resistance like ZOP Power Lipo Battery is endowed with in longer service life. Li-polymer battery is charged with constant current and voltage. Meanwhile, it is equipped with a protecting circuit board. Packed with aluminum materials, any hidden trouble could be seen if the package gets deformed. And it will not explode but balloon if accident happens.
5000mAh Helicopter Battery
What’s more, most batteries on the market are bad for human body due to heavy metals element in liquid electrolyte. Scientists have discovered that mercury has obvious toxicity to human nerve, and it has bad influence towards secretion system and immune system. However, the inner of ZOP Power Lipo Battery doesn’t contain liquid electrolyte. Instead, it contains colloidal electricity which almost does no harm to human body if torn into parts.

1000mAh 25C Battery
Last but not least, there is no memory effect if adopting ZOP Power Lipo Battery, which actually allows freer charging if there is a originally equipped B6AC charger which provides quick charging and capacity store features. Furthermore, you are allowed to get known about the capacity rate during the process of charging. The colloid electrolyte Li-polymer battery in fact owns more smooth and higher discharge platform compared with liquid electrolyte batteries.

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