Splendid Hubsan H301S FPV 2.4G 4CH Airplane with GPS and Camera Review

Hubsan H301S

FPV has been ranking one of the hottest issues in recent years with a large flow of FPV helicopters, multi-rotor copters. It’s very rare for an airplane to be endowed with any FPV function, nevertheless, Hubsan H301S must be the first exception! Inheriting successful experience from the precursors, this FPV airplane takes everything to a new extreme. At least, there is no FPV airplane able to defeat it for very long period.

First and foremost, the “big guy” will give you a shock with 750mm in overall length, 200mm in height and 1000mm in wing span. However, the airplane only weighs 355g in terms of its compact and concise structure. It’s clear there is a full HD camera built on the nose of Hubsan H301S. Utilizing flight controller with stabilization, the 4CH airplane provides super smooth& stable direction flights as well as hovering. And the flight time is about 20-30mins.
Hubsan H301S
Speaking this, GPS module is undoubtedly built in the airplane, which provides accurate positioning. For beginners, it’s easier to control the flight if starting auto-pilot mode. Under the mode, Hubsan H301S can can keep balance without manual operation, which helps to take picture or video. In addition, the equipped HD camera possesses 1920*1080 resolution supporting AVI video and JPG picture format. And the field of view reaches 120º wide angle.
Hubsan H301SWhat’s more, there is a intelligent transmitter with 3.5″ LCD monitor which supports telemetry function and real-time image monitoring. The 2.4GHz 4CH transmitter with receiver reaches 5.8GHz wireless transmission, while the transmission distance and remote distance all reaches 1000m. Thus, hobbyists can real-time monitor the video-photography via first person of view. Besides, flight data such as battery voltage, weather, altitude, GPS can be monitored as well.
Hubsan H301STo enhance flight security, return-to-home function is provided for pilots to immediately trigger Hubsan H301S back to takeoff place, when the airplane gets lost with the remote controller. Moreover, there colorful LED lights built under two wing spans helps pilots identify the flying direction. When the LED lights blank continuously, it means the battery is going to run and you should change the battery very soon, or it will back automatically.

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