Hubsan H301C Hawk 2.4G 4CH RC Airplane With Camera Review

Hubsan H301C

Habsan always see what others can’t see! While most brands focus on design remarkable FPV multi-rotor copters or helicopters, it has already set the sight on FPV airplane. Today, I’m gonna introduce you one of its excellent works Hubsan H301C. Different from DJI phantom series quad-copters, the airplane ensures much easier photography. You may keep reading if interested!
Hubsan H301CAs a matter of fact, FPV airplane is of higher appreciation than quad-copter on account of its simulated fuselage. Hubsan H301C only weighs with 617mm in overall length, 843mm in wing span. The whole fuselage adopts white while the top is painted with reflective black along with the brand label. Whatever perspectives taken on, the airplane is couldn’t be too stylish. it’s pretty eye-catching even if putting it on the toy shelf.
Hubsan H301C
Utilizing flight control system with self-stabilization, the airplane possesses terrific stability and sensitivity. Normal flights like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward all reached with ease. Let alone, Hubsan H301C is capable of hovering, rolling, sides flying to enhance shooting perspectives. Especially when photographing large-scale scenery, precise and accurate hovering helps a lot.
Hubsan H301CWhat’s more, the mini camera built on the nose of the airplane possesses 1.3M pixels and 1280×720 resolution. Besides, it supports AVI video storage and JPG picture storage. There is a  21G memory card in Hubsan H301C, allowing to store a large amount of pictures and videos. In addition, there is a handy 2.4GHz 4CH remote controller equipped. All flights are reached under the operation. of it. Since the camera is consistent with the airplane, you’d better control it stably.
Hubsan H301CLast but not least, there are LED lights built under the wings span of the airplane, allowing to fly both day and night. You can make it more shining and faddish if decorating it with colorful lights along with the whole edge of Hubsan H301C. Have good time!

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