Flying Rose Remote Control Toy

More details, please check on Flying Rose

Followed the principles of biology, according to the real flower’s proportion to design.
Put the flower in the remote control.
Open the power both of flowers and the remote control,
then press the left button on the remote,the rose will flying.
When it fly down,you could use your palm of your hand to push it up,it will fly up again.
Vase model base, is also a remote control.
It have jammed protection function,blades to the motor power when obstacles,avoid aircraft damage.
This rose flying with the colorful light and music. It is wonderful fun!
Have you ever see the flying rose? This is it! What are you waiting for!

Color: red,yellow,purple
Material:ABS plastic

Battery: The aircraft have built-in rechargeable battery,
the remote control need to prepare the battery.

suggestion: It is better play indoors, the aircraft fly instability in outdoor.

Package included:
1x flying rose set
1x USB line

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