Full 3D Flybarless Helicopter Walkera NEW V120D02S 6Axis Gyro Review

Walkera NEW V120D02S

The mini helicopter Walkera NEW V120D02S has gained countless fans since it was released two years ago. Seemingly pilots reignite great interest in flying mini helicopter this winter, and now let’s go to see how exactly it is!

Walkera NEW V120D02S possesses compact and concise structure, which weighs 400g with  290mm in overall length, resulting in remarkably agile and smooth movements. Some of hobbyists seem not so into the light green canopy, contrarily, I’m quite fond of it in that striking canopy can help identify flying direction. Meanwhile, the canopy enhances flight appreciation especially when doing furious movements.
Walkera NEW V120D02S Walkera NEW V120D02S
Utilizing the latest flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyroscope, Walkera NEW V120D02S is stable and sensitive in all flights. When flying into wrong direction in windy outdoor,  the helicopter can automatically correct its flying attitude. What’s more, the upgraded flybarless system greatly promotes response speed and flight efficiency as well.
Walkera NEW V120D02S
Normal flight like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward all could be reached without a hitch. In addition, the 6CH mini helicopter is capable of full 3D aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, soaring, pitching as well as inverted flying. The action cohesion is so natural that it really looks like a dancing dragonfly in the sky.
Walkera NEW V120D02SIn addition, Walkera NEW V120D02S doesn’t take a tail motor. Instead, it adopts the shaft transmission structure powered by the main motor, which balances the flying direction of the nose by changing angle of tail rotor. Therefore, this helicopter still keeps extreme stability not affected by strong wind when turning around. Especially for slow flight, that elegant and stable posture couldn’t be too cool!

Walkera NEW V120D02S
Finally, the fuselage of Walkera NEW V120D02S made of durable plastic possesses strong resistance to impacts, it will be safe and sound if getting crashed occasionally. For sake of its mini body, this copter is suited to fly both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, this is a 3D helicopter fit for all-level pilots, cause the helicopter with grow as you’re more and more skillful.

Walkera NEW V120D02S

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