Amaze your friends with giant ,powerful and inexpensive WLtoys V262

WLtoys V262

Have you ever been bored with the small size of quadcopter? Well, i have. I always want a quadcopter that is big enough to shock me, makes me look cool and what’s the most important, provides me with better visual enjoyment. If you have the same demand as me, i think, WLtoys V262 is your quadcopter.

The first time you see it,the most eye-catching thing must be its giant size. With the dimension of 11cm*81cm, it’s really the biggest quadcopter i have ever seen. It can be fairly difficult for it to disappear in your eyesight. And the feeling of control such giant thing must be cooler than flying a normal-size quadcopter. And i am sure that your giant lark will be certain to be in the spotlight. And as we all know, the appearance is very important for such kind of toys, and a quadcopter with fantastic look will definitely make the owner proud. Fine workmanship endows the WLtoys V262 with smooth and delicate appearance and highlight shell plating creates a strong high-tec feeling. The whole aircraft looks stylish and exquisite.
WLtoys V262There are literally hundreds of different types of aircrafts available for you to choose from, however, the choosing will greatly depend on their their material and features . While many of them boast that they will give you amazing experience, when you are a beginner, you will need an quadcopter that is durable, and user-friendly. And throughout the years there are several toy companies have proven themselves in the model plane field. Perhaps the most popular quadcopter is WLtoys V262. All essential details of this great aircraft are made of aluminum alloy, prolonging the service life of quick-wearing parts.
WLtoys V262You can be saved lots of worry from owning a WLtoys V262. It has semi-wrapped motor. Specifically, the fragile part of motor is wrapped by a layer of high-quality ABS plastics, making the aircraft avoid the threat of striking.
WLtoys V262Besides, this aircraft has headless mode, so you can save plenty of efforts to adjust the position before flying. And it’s incredibly stable, therefore it’s perfect even for new pilots. Even if you are a first-time controller, you will find it not hard to learn to do some stunts, such as360-degree Rotation,Suspension. And if you are action sport lover, this aircraft will be really suitable for you because it supports mobius and gopro camera. Make your excellent moments forever. All in all, WLtoys V262 is a product that will amaze your friends!

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