True Pleasure by Assembling Super-X Frame Kits Mini Quad-copter with MWC FC

Super-X Frame Kits

Some pilots prefer flying RTF quad-copter while others are prone to do it by themselves. Well, Super-X Frame Kits provides you with a set of complete devices including MWC FC, if you’re DIY enthusiasts keen on mini quad-copter. Maybe assembling by yourselves takes much time, you do gain much pleasure during the process. Meanwhile, hobbyists will get better known how exactly a mini quad-copter forms.

Now let’s go to see what on earth Super-X Frame Kits contains: yeah, it couldn’t be too awesome that MWC flight controller is included the equipment. The integrated FC actually possesses many things such as 6050MPU, a compass, barometer as well as 7ch DSM2 receiver, which supports not only standard flight mode but also altitude hold and carefree mode. What’s more, MWC FC supports GPS, LED, Bluetooth options. Thus the micro quad-copter is perfect for 3D and FPV.
Super-X Frame KitsThe main frame provided by Super-X Frame Kits is full function micro-size brushless quad-copter, which also needs a DSM2 transmitter to assemble without soldering or gluing needed. In addition, there is a durable full carbon 1.6mm thick one piece 125mm frame matched with four 6400KV 3g brushless motors and 3A ESC, providing double the thrust of its own weight. Besides, the kits comes with 2 sets of 75mm props and full mounting hardware for quicker& easier installation.
Super-X Frame KitsWhat’s more, two 300mah Batteries providing 8 minutes of the flight, and 600mah batteries can reach more than 12 minutes of flight. There are also many small tools to help assemble included in Super-X Frame Kits. Okay, almost all accessories are presented for you. The assembly in fact is not difficult, if you’re still puzzled about it, then you can learn it online where there provides a video about how to assemble.

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