A Set of Considerate Boscam FPV Equipment for DIY Enthusiasts

Boscam Galaxy D2

When starting photographing, you can’t stop but go profoundly towards it. Thus every photography hobbyist finally will end up with a set of FPV devices. Then why not adopting Boscam FPV which providing complete devices such as transmitter, goggles glasses, HD camera and so on! Personally, I’m pretty into considerate FPV suit, cause it saves time and ensures very high quality!
Boscam Galaxy D2First of all, there are sensitive transmitters in small size and light weight provided by Boscam FPV. Sensitivity should always place the first when it comes to signal transmission. As for Boscam transmitters, they allow to reach the most stable and smooth transmission quality on account of available choices of abundant channels. Those transmitters could reach longest distance of eight kilometers with bigger gain antenna, so there is no need to worry single lost.
Boscam TS832Featured by widen lens as well as unique first person view, goggles glasses provided by Boscam FPV has been warmly welcome by hobbyists. Once you put on the glasses, your angle of view would become pretty magical as if you were seeing the scenery in the real cabin. It is the wireless AV transmitter built in the goggle glasses that reaches image and sound signal transmission with the receiver on the aircraft and remote controller as well.
Boscam GS920In addition, Boscam FPV provides full HD camera with remarkable pixels which ensures you enjoy amazing aerial video. At the same time, the camera allows to send and store what the camera shoot back to the mobile device. Therefore, enthusiasts are allowed to replay and share the video after the aircraft getting back to the ground. And those cameras provided by Boscam are of very light weight and small body, which is easy and convenient to install or disassemble.
Boscam GS922As for DIY FPV hobbyists, Boscam FPV definitely is the best choice. Whatever aircraft you hold, those FPV equipment will dramatically enhance its overall performance.

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