All-in-one DJI Naza-M Lite FC simplifying installation& adjustment for you

DJI Naza-M Lite

The reason why all-in-one flight controllers are so popular with enthusiasts is that they saves time,  installation and adjustment troubles. Take DJI Naza-M Lite for example, the flight control system contains inner damping, controller, three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer and barometer into a small module. Whether you’re entry-level pilots or busy experienced pilots, the FC really works for you!

Adopting the most advanced attitude stabilization algorithm, DJI Naza-M Lite not only provides outstanding flight stability, but also offers excellent maneuverability. There are general three control modes provided by the controller, respectively GPS attitude mode, attitude mode and manual mode. Pilots can freely switch between the three modes in accordance with personal experience to reach better flights.
DJI Naza-M LiteSince many hobbyist apply DJI Naza-M Lite to aerial photography, GPS mode should be specially mentioned: The plug and play GPS module will greatly enhance performance in accurate position holding. Because of he module, position and altitude of multi-rotor aircraft will be accurately locked even in windy condition. For instance, Hovering accuracy is approximately 2.5m horizontal and 0.8m vertical.

DJI Naza-M Lite
What’s more, the famous IOC mode is supported by DJI Naza-M Lite. Normally, the flying direction is consistent with the nose. Under IOC mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points. Besides, the controller is supports 2-axis gimbal system, which allows you to flexibly adjust gimbal and camera according to the attitude of the aircraft after setting the parameters the first time.

DJI Naza-M Lite
Finally, DJI Naza-M Lite possesses fail-safe mode and return-to-home features to make it safe at any condition. You can trigger the aircraft back to the takeoff place via the two feature if anything wrong. In addition, the low voltage protection warns you via a blank LED navigator on the aircraft, when it happens, it’s time to change the battery. And the flight controller supports Futaba S-Bus and PPM receiver, and it can compatible with a variety of multi-rotor types aircraft!

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