808 #16 Camera module: powerful tool for aerial filming

808 #16 Camera

As we all know, aerial filming is really awesome, because overlooking the views is far different form seeing them on the ground. If we see from the high sky, views will be more magnificent and splendid. You will finally know how small you are in this world. Until now, we can achieve this without taking the plane. Why? Because we can fix a camera module on a model plane to help us to film. Speaking the camera module, i think, 808 #16 Camera module is a powerful in aerial filming.
808 #16 CameraAdopting 1/4 inch HD Color CMOS, this camera module is very energy-effective. There’s no static electricity consumed in CMOS circuit, compared to CCD circuit. The power consumption of CMOS is one third of that of CCD circuit.
808 #16 Camera
What’s more, with 2.5MM color full glass 120-degree wide angle lens and effective pixel, you can take clear and beautiful photos with this little camera. And the definition reaches 600TVL Lines. That means this camera will catch every detail of the object. It can reproduce the things you see with exquisite and vivid image quality. And the minimum brightness of 0.01lux will ensure that every picture it takes has full color and light. At the same time the view angle of 120 degree will catch more objects than some camera modules in the market.
808 #16 CameraWhat’s more, 808 #16 Camera module can directly connect to the FPV 5.8G TS832. With the perfect cooperation of these two powerful device, you can easily enjoy the interesting films make by yourself or achieve real-time monitoring.

808 #16 Camera
The last but not the least, this camera module can be used in many sections, such as commerce, media, enterprises and family. You can use it to get proofs, monitor the places, film and etc. As for me, i really want to use this cute camera to take some breathtaking pictures from the high sky. I always want to have wings to fly freely in the sky and enjoy the scenery that i have never seen before. So, i think it’s really good to get a 808 #16 Camera module.

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