Super Smooth ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS DFC Helicopter Review


Smooth flights are what superiors and beginners scout for in the end. Whether a helicopter owns 3D fancy stunts or not, it couldn’t cheer up the pilot if not stable enough. A smooth and sensitive  helicopter like ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS surely is beloved by you. The medium size helicopter with 431mm in length, 82mm in width and 145mm in height allows to fly both indoor and outdoor.
ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUSThe DFC rotor head assembly which is paired with 3GX MRS flybarless system effectively optimizes for ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS DFC flight characteristics. Without any adjustment or tuning, the helicopter with high stability is suitable for pilots of all levels. Low CG featured by DFC rotor head promotes wind resistance to some extents, while the flybarless design can greatly enhance flight efficiency and response speed.

Utilizing flight control system with three-axis gyro, the helicopter is capable of normal flights like rising, descending, turning left or right, moving forward and backward. Even flying in windy outdoor, ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS DFC still keeps its agile and smooth bearing. When flying into wrong direction, it allows to automatically correct the attitude. Besides, the helicopter does very well in fancy stunts like hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, inverted flying and vertical flying.

More details about ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS: the framework adopts imported 3K carbon fiber, which reduces flight load but enhances flight efficiency with less power consuming. Main frame applied with new Insert-Modeling allow to fix servos into helicopter directly without nut washer. New style quick removable gyroscope mounting platform is integrated with rudder servo mount. High efficiency shaft tail drive system effectively increases rudder performance and decrease power loss.
ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUSThe fully assembled ALIGN T-REX 250 PLUS can be flied immediately just by plugging in a charged battery, saving pilots assembly and adjustment process. And the DFC complete package was assembled and tuned at the factory. Before you can fly, you only need to simply bind the model with transmitter and either Futaba S-FHSS system / Spektrum DSM2/DSMX / JR DSM2  according to the instruction.

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