Popular Naze32 Flight Controller for multi-rotor aircraft Review

Naze32 Flight Controller

Recently Naze32 Flight Controller is increasingly popular with enthusiasts all over the world. Featured by MultiWii called base-flight, the flight controller with on-going port of the MultiWii code-base to the STM32 CPU made a great progress. Very different from all-in-one DJI flight controller, it requires elaborate setting and it’s more suitable for high-level pilots perhaps.
Naze32 Flight ControllerPilots are required to do lots of work about stabilization as well as PID code adjustment, cause there are constant updates on the public google code repository. Fortunately, some DIY hobbyists pretty enjoy the process of “doing it by themselves”. You may gain lots of knowledge about the a real challenging flight controller. On the contrary, it’s always MultiWii whatever you do with it.
Naze32 Flight ControllerFlashing the software and setting up Naze32 Flight Controller should straightforwardly relays on an excellent PDF manual which explains the procedure in slight difference and tools used in the process. Theoretically, this flight controller will come well with some preinstalled software. Still, you have to flash firmware and enter boot-loader mode. That’s why I say the flight controller is not suitable for beginners.
Naze32 Flight ControllerA little adjustable or setting makes big difference, which goes to all flight controllers including Naze32 Flight Controller. You can try default values at first, and increase P until the aircraft starts to wobble, then back down a bit and increased D until the aircraft starts to wobble, continue to back down a bit and then increase P again. Finally, you may tune up the I-term until the aircraft holds the angle without slow wobble.
Naze32 Flight ControllerWith 32 bits instead of 8, 72MHz instead of 16MHz, the control feeling is too good to speak out. If you only experience an old MultiWii flight controller, then this Naze32 Flight Controller is beyond your expectation. It doesn’t feel better than a well-tuned Crius AIO, it doesn’t even feel better than the KK 2.0. However, using the latest base-flight is not as snappy as on the KK2 with v1.6+ firmware.
Naze32 Flight Controller

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