Six-axis gyroscope Quad-copter WLtoys V262 with headless mode

WLtoys V262

Flying quad-copter in large size like WLtoys V262 requires wide and open ground. However, these quad-copter sometimes allows to make changes for sake of its regular shape and large room for installation, which finally results in more funny flights. As a matter of fact, large-size quad-copter could also be decorated into very appreciative aircraft as long as you’re creative enough.

Take WLtoys V262 for example, the quad-copter actually possesses very compact and concise structure, although it’s very large in size with 55cm in both length and width, 5cm in height. Adopting the latest flight control system with adjustable six-axis gyro, the quad-copter can achieve hand launching, hovering, rolling and 360o rotating in addition to normal flights. What’s more, the super-low CG endows it with very excellent wind resistance.
WLtoys V262Of course, all flights should be done with the operation towards a remote controller. DEVO 7E remote controller is equipped with rotating button as well as headless modes button. Usually, the flying direction always keeps consistent with the nose. Under headless mode, the flying direction has nothing to do with the nose wherever it points. For sake of the adjustable gyro, WLtoys V262 is able to keep stable and flexible bearings in whatever situation.
WLtoys V262What’s more, the quad-copter actually allows to add FPV function if with a mini camera. As you can see, a mini camera can be stably carried under the abdomen of the quad-copter. Meanwhile, transmitter DEVO 7E provides one-key-video recording button. Personally, I’m pretty into the LED lights hanging under the rotor heads of WLtoys V262. The hanging lights not only make quad-copter more stylish, but also ensure shining night flight.

WLtoys V262 WLtoys V262
If you think those hanging lights are not enough, you may decorate a circle of colorful lights around the EPO protection cover, making it a twinkling aircraft in the night sky. Moreover, WLtoys V262 can remind you of some interesting childhood games such as water connon and bubble blowing. In terms of regular size of the cover, you have access to these little games with water or soap liquid. Besides, hook& basket are also allowed to reach if there is a basketball.
WLtoys V262

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