DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger: Easy Charging Ensures More Convenient FPV

DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger

Since DJI phantom 2 was launched on the market, it has enjoyed unprecedentedly high reputation. The one-in-one control system and all-inclusive devices make it very attachable for all levels hobbyists. However, such large-range photography costs too much charging time. Here, I strongly recommend you DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger. Anyway, there must be a car charger, why not the charger that can charge phantom 2 vision.

DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger
Making large-range photography always requires hobbyists go very far way and find idealized scenery, which is really relaxed and enjoyable for people living in big city. For those people, every minute even second creates lots of money. If without DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger, you won’t gain full-fun flight experience. Actually, it’s much convenient to charge phantom vision in the car. You only need take phantom 2 vision into the car, and then charge it whenever you’re driving.

DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger
As is know to all, phantom 2 Li-polymer battery is very strict in charging. You can’t charge the battery with any other car charger apart from DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger. The specially designed car charger is made line with universal standard, and there is a charging circuit protection board. Thus the battery can be trustingly charged by it without over charging or discharging. So hobbyists should never worry any safety or service life problem.
DJI Phantom 2 Car ChargerBut still, there are something needed your attention: you’s better utilizes special connection board of 4ZJD, cause it’s more convenient to plug and charge. If there is no charging, please check whether the power indicator of converter lights or not to exclude the problem of loose contact. And you may check the light when there is no reaction for charging as well. Normally, there is no contact problem in that DJI Phantom 2 Car Charger adopts pure copper wire, 1.6m long with build in fuse wire and full metal joint.

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