Walkera Master CP Provides Beginners with the Most Smooth 3D Aerobatics

Walkera Master CP

As for entry-level hobbyists, it’s kind of hard to master fancy stunts at very beginning. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have access to those amazing flights without much experience. Walkera Master CP is the exception among 3D helicopters. Different from most 3D copters with 3-axis gyro, it insists on taking more controllable 6-axis gyro to satisfy new-in hobbyists.

The 200 size collective pitch enter level helicopter takes reinforced plastic rotor blade set featuring very low center of gravity, which results in stronger wind resistance. Let alone, the flybarless system enables Walkera Master CP to have faster response and higher efficiency. Apparently, the helicopter is more suited to fly at open and wide place for sake of its size with 440mm in overall length. But don’t worry, you can handle it very well even in windy situation.
Walkera Master CPUtilizing latest fight control system with adjustable 6-axis gyro, Walkera Master CP is endowed with super stable and precise flights. It’s easy to control for both basic flight and 3D stunts, meanwhile, the gyro can decrease difficulty of operation. With adjustable gyro sensitivity, 3D beginners could easily reach fancy flights and gain much experience. Normal flights like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward are reached without effort.
Walkera Master CPWhat’s more, Walkera Master CP is capable of fancy stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, soaring as well as inverted flying. Because of adjustable gyro and low CG, the mini helicopter can automatically correct its bearing when flying into wrong direction in windy outdoor. Beginners can start from single stunts, when you’re experienced day by day, two or three stunts operating simultaneously is allowed. In a word, performance of the copter will grow with the pilot!

Walkera Master CP Walkera Master CP
More about Walkera Master CP: the integrated flight control system supports telemetry function, and it can be upgraded to reach the newest program. So it’s better for you to adopt transmitter with LCD display. The removable skid landing makes durable body as well as ensures simple maintenance. The maintenance of tail motor is easy and humanized by inserting in the connector with red and blue wire. And the main blade made by carbon fiber is of great toughness and tenacity.

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