Mini 3D Align T-REX 150 DFC 6CH Helicopter in Super Streamlined Structure


Every hobbyist is rushing to have a terrific mini helicopter in winter. Well, I’m gonna recommend you Align T-REX 150 DFC today. Yeah, it’s really a mini 3D helicopter with 255mm in length and 80mm in height! With 53g in weight, the mini helicopter can stand on an adult’s palm with ease. It is the streamlined structure that makes the helicopter so smooth and delicate in both appearance and aerobatics.
T-REX 150 DFC T-REX 150 DFCAs a matter of fact, this is the smallest and most petite 3D helicopter provided by Align. Carrying the superior pedigree and design concept that originated from the successful T-Rex line of helicopter, Align T-REX 150 DFC is featured by its strong power as well as excellent flight controllable ability. Adopting aluminum alloy DFC main rotor head assembly, the helicopter is endowed with super-low CG which effectively enhances wind resistance.

What’s more, DFC flybarless system always ensures faster response and higher efficiency, resulting in high-end aesthetic and more sensitive flights. Let alone, Align T-REX 150 DFC adopts integrated flight control system with optimized three-axis gyro, receiver, electronic speed controller, 4g servos, all of which enable the mini helicopter to possess remarkable stability, agility and tail holding effectiveness.
T-REX 150 DFCNormal flight such as rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward are smoothly and stably reached without effort. As long as you’re experienced enough, you can easily get access to fancy stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, inverted flying as well as vertical flying. In addition, Align T-REX 150 DFC allows to reach two or three fancy stunts concurrently. You’d better prepare a large and empty room for such agile copter!
T-REX 150 DFCOf course, you’re allowed to fly the mini helicopter outdoor. Although it’s winter, we need fresh air and warm sunshine sometimes. On account of the adjustable three-axis gyro, the helicopter will keep its stable bearing even in windy day. Moreover, the brushless motor it adopts is more efficient, which provides powerful pulling power for the main blade. As for the elastic main blade, it can survive many crashes. All in all, Align T-REX 150 DFC is a reliable 3D helicopter for all of you!

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