X240 Mini Quadcopter with CC3D flight controller for experienced hobbyists

X240 Mini Quadcopter

Traditional quad-copters whether mini or large in size tend to adopt all-inclusive device, while X240 Mini Quadcopter is on the contrary. Some hobbyists are tired to fly ready-to-fly mini quad-copter. So why not go deeper how on earth a quad-copter forms via the mini quad-copter providing CC3D flight controller. Apart from battery and transmitter, the mini quad-copter provides all necessary components.
X240 Mini QuadcopterIt’s really interesting to take time to assembly X240 Mini Quadcopter kit, especially DIY hobbyists show their great joy during the process of assembly. Firstly, there is a fiberglass quad-copter main frame with 18cm in length, 13cm in width and 10cm in height. Compared with carbon fiber frame, fiberglass frame is much safer without electricity conduction ability. When the inner wiring contacts with the frame by accident, there creates no electricity and no self-explosion.
X240 Mini QuadcopterBesides, X240 Mini Quadcopter utilizes CC3D flight controller with protective case shock damper. An Openpilot FC like CC3D Flight Controller makes great difference via small adjustment, which really challenges pilots. There are three stabilization settings modes it provides: basic stabilization settings, advanced stabilization settings and expert stabilization settings. For hobbyists without much experience, basic stabilization can help you reach idealized flights. Anyway, the flight performance depends on which level the pilots is.
X240 Mini QuadcopterWhat’s more, CC3D flight controller is equipped with three-axis high-performance MEMs gyro and accelerometer. Thus, normal flights such as rising, falling, turning left/right, moving forward/backward could be achieved with ease. And it’s capable of fancy flights like hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, crabbing, flipping and so on. As long as you’re enough experienced, more amazing fancy stunts could be demonstrated. In addition, the tiny four layer PCB board is to reduce electrical noise and enhance flight performance.
X240 Mini QuadcopterMoreover, motor, ESC, propellers pair are offered by X240 Mini Quadcopter kit. And there is a power distribution board. You’d better adopt Li-polymer batter for the kit, cause it provides Li-ion battery low voltage alarm. See, a quad-copter is pretty simple in configuration!

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